Fisheries Society of the British Isles

Updates and Changes to FSBI Activities from COVID-19 Pandemic

Dear FSBI Members,

On behalf of FSBI Council, we provide here an update of implications of the outbreak and our immediate plans. We aim to maintain as far as possible, membership activities and programmes already in place.

We want to reassure you that the FSBI will apply appropriate flexibility for meeting deadlines, for submitting grant reports and scheduling of previously planned activities. As with all organisations, our priority is to secure the health and well-being of those individuals for whom we support or have responsibility. Any grant holders or FSBI students who have questions should email Chairs of respective subcommittees.

Below, find a summary of key impacts and decisions.

1. FSBI 2020 Symposium Cancelled.

The topic and host is expected to reschedule for JULY 2022. A definite announcement confirming the rescheduling will be released as soon as possible. The symposium secretariat will contact those who have submitted abstracts, alongside all invited speakers. In line with these changes and planned rescheduling, the original JFB special issue for the Symposium will be moved to December 2022

2. FSBI Research Grants 1st of May submission cancelled - New deadline October 1st 2020.

Depending upon the wishes of applicants who have submitted, we provide the option to carry applications over to the subsequent deadline. Importantly for current grant holders we will exercise the appropriate flexibility in terms of deadlines and reporting.

3. FSBI June 2020 Travel Grants submission cancelled. The next deadline is now October 1st 2020.

For recently funded grants, the Honorary Treasurer is contacting applicants to confirm whether original plans for travel are in place. Grants will not be awarded where conferences or events have been cancelled. The next deadline will be 1st October 2020.


4. FSBI 2020 Internships Cancelled

Most Universities have ceased undergraduate teaching for the rest of the academic year, and we have therefore decided, regretfully, to cancel the 2020 round of internship applications. Our membership support services at Brabners, will inform applicants who have already submitted.



5. Assessment of Postdoctoral Travelling Fellowships applications to continue.

But will require confirmation prior to release of funds, that respective travel plans remain in place. Again, the FSBI will exercise flexibility in terms of a start date, though we will not embark upon a 2nd round of FSBI Travelling Fellowships for 2021, until the first round is completed.



6. FSBI PhD Studentships

We will exercise flexibility in terms of disruptions caused to fieldwork and/or laboratory work, during the coronavirus-imposed restrictions. We aim to respond to issues as they emerge individually. We anticipate currently that our new cohort of PhD students for 2020 will proceed to registration in September 2020



If you have any comments or concerns about the above, then do feel free to contact us.

Publication of the Journal of Fish Biology UPDATED 13/07/20:

Wiley are pleased to announce that printing of the Journal of Fish Biology has resumed and distribution of hard copies will be sent out on time to FSBI member subscribers.

All back copies have also been sent out. 

Any immediate questions please contact the Editor-in-Chief here.


We wish you well during these challenging times, and look forward to continued interactions in due course. The current circumstances are of course beyond our control, are increasingly challenging, and I thank you in the meantime for continuing to engage with the FSBI.

Please keep safe and well,

Professor Gary Carvalho, FSBI Hon President