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The FSBI holds an annual competition open to any member wishing to apply for postgraduate study leading to a PhD degree. The studentships are based on NERC stipend rates plus a £1000 supplement, and include an annual £2500 contribution to consumable costs.

Applicants are asked to outline the work they plan to do over the three-year period of doctoral study, and they are expected to have the agreement of a supervisor based in a University or Research Institute located in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland. Candidates may be a citizen of any country, but the fees paid to the university are never more than the amount charged to European Union citizens. This means that candidates that do not have EU nationality will have to demonstrate that they have additional funding (from their own sources) for the duration of the PhD to cover the additional fees imposed on non-EU students


Anna Sturrock University of Southampton & Cefas-Lowestoft (supervisors: Clive Trueman, and Ewan Hunter) 2008-2011
David Jacoby Marine Biological Association & University of Exeter (supervisors: David Sims, and Darren Croft) 2009-2012
Rachel Ball University of Aberdeen (supervisors: Leslie Noble and Catherine Jones) 2010-2013
Natalie Simmonds University of Leicester (supervisor: Iain Barber) 2010-2013
Serena Wright Cefas & Swansea University (supervisors: Julian Metcalfe, and Rory Wilson) 2010-2013
Daniel Jeffries
University of Hull & Cefas (supervisors: Bernd Hanfling and Lori Lawson-Handley, and Gordon Copp) 2011-2014
Jessica Stephenson
Cardiff University and University of Bristol (supervisors: Joanna Cable and Gabrielle Archard; and Julian Partridge) 2011-2014
Charlie Dryden
Newcastle University (supervisors: Nick Polunin and Steve Newman) 2012-2015
Sarah Harris
Keele University (supervisors: Dave Hoole, Mark Skidmore and Dieter Steinhagen) 2012-2015
Josie Pegg
Bournemouth University (supervisor: Rob Britton) 2012-2015


Dominic Andradi-Brown University of Oxford (supervisors: Alex Rogers and Dan Exton) 2013-2016
Lauren Laing
University of Exeter (supervisor: Eduarda Santos) 2013-2016
Graham Monkman
University of Bangor (supervisors: Michel Kaiser, Kieran Hyder and Franck Vidal) 2014-2017
Natasha Phillips Queen's University Belfast (supervisors: Jon Houghton and Chris Harrod) 2014-2017
Agnieszka Magierecka University of Glasgow (supervisors: Neil Metcalfe and Kath Sloman) 2015-2018
Nick Jones
University of St Andrews (supervisors: Luke Rendell and Mike Webster) 2015-2018
Kevin Schneider University of Glasgow (supervisors: Kathryn Elmer and Colin Adams) 2016-19
Chris Payne Stirling University (supervisors: Mags Crumlish and Simon Mackenzie) 2016-19


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Applications close at 1700 h on 12 January 2018. Late applicatons will not be considered. The Studentships sub-committee will review and compile a shortlist in February for interviews in late February/early March. The results normally will be announced within a week of interview. Subject-related enquiries should be addressed to the chair of the Studentships sub-committee.

Complete the Application form provided below, after reading the Terms & Conditions, and forward to your supervisor and Head of Department for completion of sections 5.1 and 5.2. The application must be endorsed by the institutional authority (section 5.3) and this signatory should then submit the completed form to FSBI (see information on sending below). If the proposed research is to be done collaboratively with an external institution then the responsible authority must complete section 6 of the form.  Only if electronic submission is impossible, submit three paper copies of the completed form to the address below, to arrive by the closing date. Save a copy of the Application form for your records. If you do not recieve an acknowledgement of receipt within 48 hours of applying please contact the FSBI Administrator (email below).

Your supervisor must complete the Letter of support and submit this electronically without delay. Applications without the Letter of support will not be considered.

Please be aware that applications will not be submitted to the Studentships sub-committee until after the application closing date.  All applicants, whether successful or not, will be informed by the chair of the sub-committee but this may not be for up to two months after the closing date. Do not contact the Administration Office until two months have elapsed.

Terms & Conditions pdf     Application pdf    Letter of support pdf     Sending your application pdf

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