FSBI Events



The FSBI holds its annual symposium over five days in July, with the Society's AGM normally held on the Wednesday. FSBI sponsorship of the symposium benefits all participants, whether or not they are members, with a reduced registration fee.




2002 Hull 8-12 July
Estuarine and Coastal Lagoon Fish and Fisheries
Mike Ellliot & Ian Cowx
2003 East Anglia 30 June - 4 July
Fish as Models of Behaviour
Isabelle Côté
2004 Imperial College 19-23 July
Comparative Biology and Interactions
of Wild and Farmed Fish
Kai Lorenzen
2005 Bangor 18-22 July
Fish Habitat Ecology & Conservation
Michel Kaiser & John Armstrong
2006 Aberdeen 10-14 July
Fish population structure; implications for conservation
Peter Wright

Exeter 23-27 July
Non-native fishes: integrated biology of establishment success
and dispersal 

Anne Brown & Sandy Scott
2008 Cardiff 21-25 July
Parasites as Agents of Selection in Fish: from genes to ecosystems
Iain Barber & Joanne Cable
2009 Leicester 13-17 July
6th International Conference on Stickleback
Behaviour and Evolution
Paul Hart
2010 Belfast
Climate Change and Fish
Chris Harrod
2011 Bournemouth
Fish diversity and conservation: Current State of Knowledge
Rodolphe Gozlan
2012 Norwich 9-13 July
Physiology of Fish Behaviour

Ian Mayer


Glasgow 8-11 July

Deep Sea Fish Biology

David Bailey, Jeffrey Drazen

& Francis Neat


Plymouth 27-31 July

Biology, Ecology and Conservation of Elasmobranchs

David Sims


Bangor University 18-22 July

Fish, Genes & Genomes: Contributions to Ecology, Evolution & Management

Gary Carvalho


University of Exeter 3-7 July
Understanding Fish Populations - 50th Anniversary event

Steve Simpson, Iain Barber

University of East Anglia 9-13 July 2018
The Sustainable Use and Exploitation of Fishes

John Pinnegar, Martin Taylor