2015 Annual Symposium of the

Fisheries Society of the British Isles

University of Plymouth: Sherwell Centre and Portland Square Building.
27-31 July 2015
Symposium organisers:


Prof David Sims Marine Biological Association Laboratory (MBA), Plymouth, UK and University of Southampton, UK


Advisory Committee:

Prof David Sims MBA, UK
Dr Nick Dulvy Simon Fraser University, Canada
Dr Julian Metcalfe Cefas, Lowestoft, UK
Dr Jayson Semmens University of Tasmania, Australia
Dr Gregory Skomal Massachusetts Division of Fisheries, USA


Local organising Committee:

Prof David Sims MBA
Dr David Gibson National Marine Aquarium
Ms Ali Hood UK Shark Trust
Dr Kerry Howell University of Plymouth
Dr Nick Pade MBA







The Final Symposium Programme is here


  • Genomics and molecular biology
  • Developmental biology and evolutionary ecology
  • Physiology and adaptations to changing environments
  • Movements, behaviour and habitat use
  • Population genetics, structure and distributions including phylogeography
  • Ecological relationships, community and food web ecology
  • Fisheries biology, ecology and management
  • Conservation
  • Methodological advances; e.g. biotelemetry/biologging; molecular markers

    Invited Speakers

    Jack Jones Memorial Lecture

    Gregor Cailliet (ecology, life history, demography, conservation)

    Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, California, USA


    Keynote speakers

Julia Baum (shark population ecology, fisheries, conservation)

University of Victoria, Canada.

Kevin Feldheim (elasmobranch molecular genetics, population structure, mating systems)

The Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, USA.

Sylvie Mazan (elasmobranch genome biology, evolution)

University of Paris and Station Biologique de Roscoff, France

Gregory Skomal (behaviour, ecology, population biology, fisheries management)

Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries & Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA



    There will be the opportunity to participate in a workshop coordinated by the advisory committee. Details of the workshops TBA