Fisheries Society of the British Isles
International Symposium Exeter 23-27 July 2007

Non-Native Fishes:
Integrated Biology of the Establishment Success & Dispersal

Programme (updated 20/07/07)

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Monday 23rd July
- 18:30
18:30 Welcome Reception, Hope Hall
19:30 Dinner, Hope Hall
Cash Bar, Hope Hall
Tuesday 24th July
NB:  All lectures will take place in Lecture Theatre A in Streatham Court
08:30 Registration, Streatham Court
09:20 Welcome address: Richard Cowan (Deputy Director in Marine and Fisheries Directorate of defra - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, UK)
Ecological interactions: introductions & establishment
Chair Anne Brown
09:35 Jack Jones Memorial Lecture: Kurt Fausch
  Introduction, establishment, and effects of nonnative salmonids: considering the risk of rainbow trout invasion in the United Kingdom
10:30 Coffee/Tea
Case Studies from Scandinavia
Chair Rod Wilson
11:10 T. Hesthagen and O.T. Sandlund
  Non-native freshwater fishes in Norway: history, consequences and prospects
11:30 K. Hindar, N. Jonsson, M. Gammelsćter,  B.O. Dřnnum, I.A. Fleming,  E. Karlsbakk and H. Sćgrov
  Rainbow trout in Norway: occurrence, reproduction and establishment
11:50 M. Lindberg, P. Rivinoja and A. Alanärä
  The ability of escaped hatchery-reared rainbow trout to find suitable spawning habitats
12:10 K.Ř. Gjelland, T. Břhn, and P.-A Amundsen,
  Coexistence mediated by microhabitat segregation? - an in-depth exploration of fish invasion
12:30 J. Museth, T. Hesthagen, O.T. Sandlund, E. Thorstad, and O. Ugedal
  The history of the European minnow in Norway: how a harmless species became a pest
12:50 Lunch
Introduction pathways and dispersal processes
Chair Rodolphe Gozlan
14:05 Plenary Lecture: Emili García-Berthou
  The characteristics of invasive fish: what have we learned so far?
14:50 G.H. Copp, M. Templeton and R.E. Gozlan
  Propagule pressure and the invasion risks of non-native freshwater fishes in Europe: example of regions of England
15:10 H. Verreycken, G. Van Thuyne, D. Anseeuw, P. Quataert and C. Belpaire
  Non-Indigenous freshwater fish in Flanders (Belgium): status and trends in numbers and biomass between 1995 and 2005
15:30 Coffee/Tea
16:00 L. Vilizzi, P.L. Fraser, O. Scholz and T. Wallace
  'Hotspot' habitat exploitation and opportunistic dispersal of invasive common carp, Cyprinus carpio, in an anabranch system of a large lowland river
16:20 K. Beyer, R.E. Gozlan and G.H. Copp
  Processes of establishment and dispersal in the successful invasion of English streams by introduced topmouth gudgeon
16:40 S. Stakenas, G.H. Copp and R. Horsfield
  Diel and season patterns of dispersal and home range use by introduced pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus and native brown trout Salmo trutta in small streams of Southern England
17:00 Robert Rosell
  Competition and interaction between successive waves of invasion – roach, perch and zebra mussels in Lough Erne, Northern Ireland
17:20 Poster Session with drinks
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19:00 Dinner, Hope Hall
20:15 Highlights of Exeter Inns – leaving Hope Hall on foot
Wednesday 25th July
Ecological interactions: life history & ontogeny
Chair Emili Garcia-Berthou
09:00 State-of-the-Art Lecture: Michael G. Fox
  Life history and morphological strategies leading to invasion success: the case of pumpkinseed (Lepomis gibbosus) on the Iberian peninsula
09:45 K.S. Irons, G.G. Sass, M.A. McClelland and J.D. Stafford
  Reduced condition factor of two native fish species coincident with invasion of non-native Asian carp in the Illinois River, USA: Evidence for competition and reduced fitness?
10:05 M. Durbec, L. Cavalli, B. Nguyen the, N. Stolzenberg and R. Chappaz
  Ecological interaction between invasive Chondrostoma nasus and native Chondrostoma toxostoma
10:25 Coffee/Tea
10:55 Plenary Lecture: Vladimír Kováč
  Invasive fishes: from morphology, ontogeny and epigenesis towards ecology and evolution’
11:40 E. Záhorská, K. Beyer, I. Falka, R.E. Gozlan, V. Kováč and G.H. Copp
  Morphological variability of the Asiatic cyprinid, topmouth  gudgeon Pseudorasbora parva, in its introduced European range
12:00 M. Polačik, M. Janáč, Z. Adámek, T. Trichkova, M. Vassilev and P. Jurajda
  Neogobius fishes - comparison of populations in the native and non-native area within the longitudinal profile of the Danube River
12:20 J.A. Morris Jr. and J.J. Govoni
  Reproductive dynamics of non-native lionfish, Pterois volitans and Pterois miles in the Atlantic
12:40 FSBI Annual General Meeting
13:00 Lunch
Chair Gordon Copp
14:10 C. Harrod, R. Britton and G. Davies
  Analyses of stable isotope ratios (d13C & d15N) detect almost complete niche overlap between invasive topmouth gudgeon (Pseudorasbora parva) and resident freshwater fishes
14:30 B. Hayden, A. Masa-Gallucci and M. Kelly-Quinn
  Feeding interactions of cyprinid fishes in Irish lakes
14:50 A. Massa-Gallucci, B. Hayden and M. Kelly-Quinn
  Trophic interactions of roach (Rutilus rutilus L.) and brown trout (Salmo trutta L.) in non-eutrophic Irish lakes
15:10 D. Almeida, A. Almodóvar, G.G. Nicola and B. Elvira
  Impact of introduced pumpkinseed Lepomis gibbosus on food web in Cabaneros national park (Central Spain): diet variability and prey selection
15:30 Coffee/tea
Ecological interactions: disease implications
Chair Anne Brown
16:00 R.E. Gozlan
  Should we worry about topmouth gudgeon invasion in Europe and beyond?
16:20 D. Andreou, R.E. Gozlan, S. Brown, S. Feist, and D. Stone
  Invasive non-native fish species and the emergence of exotic diseases
16:40 A. Barse and J.A. Morris Jr.
  Parasites of the invasive red lionfish, Pterois volitans, off the North Carolina coast, USA
17:00 M. Ondraková, K. Francová, M. Dávidová, M. Polačik and P. Jurajda
  Parasite infection and condition status of Neogobius kessleri (Gobiidae) in its native and non-native area of distribution
17:20 K. Francová, M. Ondračková, M. Polačik and P. Jurajda
  Parasite fauna of native and non-native population of Neogobius melanostomus (Gobiidae) in the longitudinal profile of the River Danube
19:30 Barbeque at Hope Hall
  Award of FSBI medal
  Blues guitarist – Jim Crawford (sponsored by Aquatonics Ltd.)
Thursday 26th July


Physiological, behavioural and genetic aspects of invasions
Chair Alexander Scott



09:15 Key Note Speaker:  Peter Sorensen
  Identification and use of a potent migratory pheromone in the invasive sea lamprey, Petromyzon marinus
10:00 E.N. Joss, N. Ling and B.J. Hicks
  Use of putative pheromones to enhance the capture of pest fish
10:20 D. Burnard, R.E. Gozlan and S.W. Griffiths
  Do sunbleak and topmouth gudgeon send chemical signals?
10:40 D. M. Scott, R. W. Wilson and J. A. Brown
  Can sunbleak Leucaspius delineatus or topmouth gudgeon Pseudorasbora parva disperse through saline waters?
11:00 Coffee/Tea
11:30 P.J. Schofield, W.F. Loftus and M.E. Brown
  Hypoxia tolerance of native centrarchid sunfishes (Lepomis gulosus, L. marginatus) and introduced African jewelfish (Cichlidae: Hemichromis letourneuxi) from Everglades National Park, Florida, USA
11:50 S. Stakenas, G.H. Copp, D. Scott, J. A. Brown and K.J. Wesley
  Dispersion potential of pikeperch Sander lucioperca in the Upper  Thames
12:10 Lunch
Chair Rod Wilson
14:00 Plenary Lecture: Bernd Hänfling
  Understanding establishment success of non-indigenous fishes: lessons from evolutionary genetics
14:45 A.G. Valiente, F. Juanes, P. Nuńez and E. Garcia-Vazquez
  Is genetic variability so important? Adaptation of non-native salmonids in South America
Ecological impacts and management of fish introductions – Part A
Chair Kurt Fausch
15:05 I.G. Cowx
  Unravelling the legacies of introducing Nile perch into Lake Victoria
15:25 J.R. Britton, J. Grey, D.M. Harper and R.R. Boar
  The establishment and impact of the invasive carp, Cyprinus carpio, in Lake Naivasha, Kenya: a tale of the unexpected?
15:45 Coffee/Tea
16:00 Poster removal
19.30 Leave Hope Hall on foot or by bus
19:45 Reception & Conference Banquet at Abode, Cathedral Green, Exeter
  Award of Beverton Medal
Friday 27th July
Ecological impacts and management of fish introductions – Part B
Chair Michael Fox
09:30 N. Ling
  The human dimension in exotic fish introduction and dispersal: lessons from New Zealand
09:50 N. Caiola, F. Casals, A. Rovira and C. Ibáńez
  Recent changes in the Lower Ebro River fish assemblage: effects of ecosystems homogenisation in the establishment of non-native species
10:10 J. Cucherousset, A. Carpentier and J.-M. Paillisson
  Variable establishment success of non-native fish species in a man-made pulsed wetland: an integrative approach of their response to environmental conditions
10:30 Coffee/Tea
11:00 J.R. Britton, G.D. Davies and S.C. Chare
  Rapid reaction or positive inaction? Using invasion biology to better manage wild populations of non-native fishes in England and Wales
11:20 Open discussions & Conclusions
12:00 Lunch
End of Conference
  C. Alcaraz, L. Benejam, J. Benito, J. Carol, A.F.G.N. Santos, P.A. Tedesco and E. García-Berthou
  Life-history traits of invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki): variation along salinity and latitudinal gradients
  K. Beyer, R.E. Gozlan and G.H. Copp
  Social integration of an alien fish species into a native fish assemblage
  D. Burnard,  R.E. Gozlan and S.W Griffiths
  Do Sunbleak and topmouth gudgeon send chemical signals? Interaction between males and females
  J.M. Caffrey, S. Acevedo, and K. Gallagher
  Chub (Leuciscus cephalus): a new potentially invasive fish species in Ireland
  J. Carol, C. Alcaraz, L. Benejam, J. Benito, L. Santos, L. Zamora and E. García-Berthou
  Growth, diet and telemetry data for European catfish (Silurus glanis) introduced to the Iberian peninsula.
  A. Carpentier,  R.E. Gozlan, J. Cucherousset, J.-M. Paillisson and L. Marion
  Introduction of Pseudorasbora parva and its potential effect on Leucaspius delineatus: a French case compared to the UK situation
  L. Cavalli, N. Stolzenberg and R. Chappaz
  Long term study of the consequences of a fish introduction on an endemic species: ecological characteristics of hybrids and parent species
  I.G. Cowx
  Role of aquaculture in the spread of alien species in Europe
  J. Cucherousset, J.C. Aymes, F. Santoul, S. Mastrorillo and R. Céréghino
  Diet strategy and trophic behaviour of an indigenous species (Salmo trutta, L.) and an exotic species (Salvelinus fontinalis, Mitchill) as revealed by stable isotope analysis
  A.E. Deacon
  Behavioural, genetic and life history traits contributing to the trinidadian guppy, Poecilia reticulata as a successful invasive species
  J. Grabowska, M. Grabowski, J. Gmur and D. Pietraszewski
  Voracious, unfussy, threatful invader - diet of Perccottus glenii in Poland
  P. Jurajda and Z. Adámek
  Alien fishes in the Czech Republic with respect to their impact upon native species
  E. Karlsbakk, M. Gammelsćter, B.O. Dřnnum, H. Sćgrov, I.A. Fleming, N. Jonsson and K. Hindar
  Lack of establishment of rainbow trout in Norway: a role for parasites?
  P. Kuliskova, P. Horký, O. Sychrová, A. Petrusek and O. Slavík
  Differences in food supply utilisation between native brown trout (Salmo trutta) and non-native brook charr (Salvelinus fontinalis) - comparison of allopatrically and sympatrically dwelling populations
  A.O. Latini and D. Pereira-Lima
  Invasional meltdown determining non-native fish success in Brazilian tropical lakes
  R. Miranda, J. Oscoz, P.M. Leunda, A. Agorreta, S. Perea and I. Doadrio
  Feeding habits of exotic fish Ameiurus melas in Iberian Peninsula
  F. Orrū and A Cau
  Pathways of introduction, establishment and dispersal of non-indigenous fishes in Sardinian freshwaters
  M. Ondračková, M. Dávidová, R. Blažek, B. Koubková and M. Przybylski
  Metazoan parasites of amur sleeper Perccottus glenii (Odontobutidae) in the Włocławski Reservoir
  G Pedicillio , A. Bicchi, V. Angeli , A. Carosi, P. Viali and M. Lorenzoni
  Growth and reproduction of the goldfish Carassius auratus (Linnaeus, 1758) in the Corbara resevoir (UmbriaItaly)
  G Pedicillio , A. Bicchi, V. Angeli , A. Carosi, P. Viali and M. Lorenzoni
  Growth and reproduction of the catfish Ameiurus melas (Rafinesque, 1820) in the Corbara resevoir (UmbriaItaly)
  D.C. Resende and A.O. Latini
  Human services to the ecosystem: fisheries controlling non-natives fishes and preventing native fishes extinctions in Brazilian tropical lakes
  F. Ribeiro, P. Jurajda, M.J. Collares-Pereira and P.B. Moyle
  Non-native fish larvae in Mediterranean type streams: does river regulation matter?
  F Ribeiro, J. Grabowska, M.F. Magalhăes, M. Grabowski, R. Orjuela-Parrado and M.J. Collares-Pereira
  Feeding variability as a possible reason of success of non-native fishes - two case studies
  T.A. Trichkova, M.T. Zivkov, and A.I. Apostolou
  Some biological characteristics of Carassius gibelio populations in water bodies of Bulgaria
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